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17 Behind-The-Scenes Moments Where Zendaya And Timothée Chalamet’s Friendship Restored

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Two pretty best friends. 🥺

1. The time when Timothée lovingly called out Zendaya’s relationship with Tom Holland the only way a best friend could:

2. The time they shared that they had High School Musical dance parties on set with Javier Bardem and Jason Momoa, because of course:

3. The time they couldn’t help but hype each other up on the red carpet:

4. The time they were starstruck by each other at the airport:

5. The time Timmy shared that his genre of dreams is “sports star…swish!” and Zendaya was pretty confused, to say the least:

6. The time they were posing like the certified hotties they are and then Timmy almost got attacked by a bug:

7. The times they were all goofs and giggles with Jason Momoa:

Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images for Warner Bros

8. The time Zendaya just couldn’t get over Timmy’s middle name being ~Hal~:

9. The time they did press for Dune and were just in a silly, goofy mood:

10. The time Timmy very awkwardly tried to fill his cup of water but didn’t want to be a distraction as Zendaya said this very, very kind thing about their friendship:

11. The time Zendaya shamelessly mimicked Timmy’s hand gestures and it was — quite literally — *chef’s kiss*.

12. The time they took this behind-the-scenes selfie break:

13. The time Timmy shared that Zendaya (and Jason Momoa) were his favorite part of Dune:

14. The time they tried to explain why they ~got~ each other, and basically just said because they’re both so similar in age and, well, Dragon Tales:

15. The time they broke out into song mid-interview:

16. The time Zendaya shared (and kind of made fun of) her favorite Timmy fighting move in Dune:

17. And finally, the time they told Stephen Colbert that they tell a lot of fart jokes on set:

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