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Donald Trump Mugshot & MORE Arrest Deets!

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Another “unpresidented” moment in American politics. The mugshot of a former US president. Thanks for that, everyone who voted for Donald Trump.

The ex-prez was arrested and booked in the Fulton County jail Thursday evening. In all the process took about 20 minutes. He reportedly did NOT pay the full $200,000 in bail, despite supposedly being a billionaire. Instead he did as so many defendants to, he put $20k down and had a local bond company called Foster Bail Bonds LLC cover the rest. Yeah, good luck getting your money back, guys…

This is the first time Trump has had to pay cash bail. After his other indictments he was always just released into the wild. Is he a flight risk? Well, he does have comrades in other countries (wink wink), but he’s also one of the most famous people on the planet. So probably not.

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According to Trump’s booking document, he’s 6’3″ and 215 lbs. We’ll just breeze right on by that. Not all false statements are crimes, know what we mean? A VERY small contingent of protesters gathered at the jail, reportedly about 100 — including the anti-Trump ones.

Obviously there are many who will call this a dark day in our nation’s history, but we would again press back that the dark days were when the alleged crimes were being committed, when the POTUS and his lackeys were attempting to overturn the 2020 election.

That’s what Trump is being charged with in Fulton County, a RICO case in which he’s charged with 13 counts in relation to the conspiracy to subvert the election results in Georgia, including the crimes of:

  • solicitation of violation of oath by public officer
  • conspiracy to commit impersonating a public officer
  • conspiracy to commit forgery in the first degree
  • conspiracy to commit false statements
  • conspiracy to commit filing false documents
  • filing false documents
  • false statements and writings

All under the violation of the Georgia Rico Act — meaning all acts were in furtherance of the same criminal plot. You can get more info on the case and the other 18 defendants HERE. Here’s the full document:

Trump Booking Document(c) Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Speaking to reporters at the airport in Atlanta, Trump defended his actions once again, saying:

“I did nothing wrong and everybody knows it… We have every right, every single right, to challenge an election that we think is dishonest.”

Again, he’s not saying he didn’t do any of this stuff — like getting followers to forge documents and pretend to be the state’s electors, subverting the will of the voters. Just that he thought the election was dishonest. Despite all the local Republican officials telling him there was no voter fraud, despite there never being any proof there was voter fraud or any other kind of tampering, apart from his own. He thought it was OK, so he didn’t do anything wrong. Legally not a strong defense.

Will Trump having a mugshot finally make this real for people? Will it be the turning point that makes even a small number of his followers realize how much trouble he’s in if he doesn’t find a way to get out of it through, for instance, being re-elected as president?

We’ll see. But we’re not holding our breath.

[Image via Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.]

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