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Kanye West And Pete Davidson Online Feud Continues

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It seems that Pete Davidson and Kanye West ‘s feud continues. Fans are telling Ye to back off and mind his own business as you will see below.

Someone said: ‘He said apologize to your family for being your family bruh I ain’t never ever heard that one. Kanye dropping bars.’

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One other follower posted this: ‘He’s feeding off the attention y’all are giving him,’ and a fan said: ‘Mom has a sextape, dad is emotionally unstable, but the step dad is the problem? How can I mute this content? I’m tired, Ye.’

Someone commented: ‘She has not once spoke on him n his second girlfriend yet so why is he pressed on hers like,’ and a follower said: ‘None of this is about his kids! He’s obsessed with the idea that Pete is now the source of happiness for his ex wife! Scary stuff.’

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One other follower posted this: ‘When Kim is done , she’s DONE. Tell me , do y’all know where ANY of her exes are ? This is sad ye, deeply sad.’

A follower said: ‘Kanye just don’t like Pete for reasons known to him cus at this point, I think it’s way beyond Kim. He, unfortunately, can’t do anything about who she dates but is it in his right to not want him around his kids?’


One fan posted this: ‘Kanye move on ! This woman stuck by your side through the years , you left her Nd went and lived on your own miles away from her and your family..you constantly embarrassed her..youhave be seen with different women yet you won’t allow her to move on I peace. What kind of evill obsession is this,’ and another folower said: ‘I understand Ye being wild but this is actually a concerning point . The man is a good father and haves a right to not want his children around someone that would even joke like that .’

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