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Rock Duo The Weird Sisters Warn Against ‘Giving Into Your

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The Weird Sisters’ “LIVE AND I LEARN” is an anthem for anyone with an odd-looking scar, the kind that comes with a story that usually needs a few drinks to tell properly. Such a tale unfolds in the corresponding video for the track, premiering here on HollywoodLife. In the VHS video, the Weird Sisters (Izaac Short and Gabrielle Lewis) find themselves on the wrong side of everything – the hood of a car, a hospital bill, a bad trip – after listening too closely to their impulses.


The video, directed/edited/filmed by Izaac, captures the group’s radioactive charisma. It is also educational because what other song uses the words “bodhisattva” and “Calabaza” in the chorus? Ultimately, “LIVE AND I LEARN” is a fuzz-drenched, funk-fueled, hammer-down hard-charger of an electric mayhem masterpiece. The Weird Sisters (Izzac Short and Gabrielle Lewis) are radioactive with charisma on the track. If you’re not banging your head during “LIVE AND I LEARN,” you may have lost it.

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So, how did this song come about? Credit Grammy Award-winning producer Vance Powell for kicking the Weird Sisters into high gear. “We were tasked by Vance to get a riff together,” Izaac shares with HollywoodLife. “We hopped in the van and drove out to the Smoky Mountains to figure it out. While taking a writing break, Gabrielle began frying up some bacon on the old Coleman, and the riff just flopped out of the acoustic guitar. We started jamming it, and immediately lost track of time, and the bacon burned.”

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“The song is about not giving in to your first impulses and making decisions,” explains Izaac. “Think before you do, which I am absolutely horrible at…even the way we wrote the song was incredibly impulsive and a stream of consciousness, which is ironic. It’s like my spirit is trying to say something but the music’s too loud.”

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As for the VHS music video. “Many times, the suggestion ‘let’s just grab an iPhone and get this shot, it’ll be easier’ was made,” says Izaac. “You just gotta shut that shit down. Once you’ve made a commitment to the process, you have to see it through, or it will rot the meat of the thing.”

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It took a spaghetti dinner for Gabrielle and Izaac to discover a mutual creative spark. Izaac’s funk guitar melding with Gabrielle’s classical training in jazz, piano, and saxophone (she played in Sonny LaRosa’s America’s Youngest Jazz Band and got a degree in music from the University of Michigan) shouldn’t work. Yet, the duo proves that opposites do attract – and they produce exciting rock music that hopefully will be coming to your town soon. When they do, it’s okay to be impulsive and buy a ticket and take the ride.


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