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Shanna Moakler’s Drunk & Naked Ex Allegedly Attacked Trans Woman

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[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

In the wake of his other charges, new allegations against Shanna Moakler’s ex-boyfriend Matthew Rondeau have come to light.

Just weeks after the 29-year-old was arrested for felony domestic violence, he has been accused of attacking a transgender woman at Moakler’s home in Los Angeles while she was away filming her most recent television gig. Elissa Lorenn told Page Six it all went down when she and her friend Shayan were spending time with Rondeau at the former Miss USA’s house in early February.

Lorenn explained that when the pair arrived at the home, Rondeau was infuriated since he had just learned that Moakler, whom he had been in an on-again, off-again relationship with since 2020, had allegedly cheated on him. She said:

“He had taken a knife and ripped through her paintings. When I first got there he didn’t seem that f**ked up, but as the night progressed I was like, ‘Oh, this is like a lot.’”

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The night soon went south when the group was hanging out in the hot tub “having a few drinks,” and Rondeau — who Lorenn says was naked at the time — allegedly became “stern and very kind of serious.” She recalled to the outlet:

“He walked up to me in the hot tub… and grabbed my face and started making out with me. The night continues to go on, and he’s getting more and more sexual with not even just me but even with Shayan.”

Elissa and Shayan brushed off his behavior at first, but Rondeau allegedly grew increasingly aggressive as the evening went on. When Elissa went into the home to charge her dead phone at one point, she claims, the model followed her inside. This is where she claims Rondeau had a complete personality “switch” and attacked her:

“He pushes me against the wall and slaps me across the face very hard and then puts his hands around my neck to choke me. I say ‘choke’ in the sense of low-key it was like a strangle.”

According to Lorenn, his eyes “glazed over,” and Rondeau allegedly started making out with her “aggressively” before attempting to “take it a little further.” Thankfully she was able to escape before things could get even worse. And when her phone eventually turned back on, she called a car and booked it out of the residence:

“It was such a shock to my system. I couldn’t even function. I was like, ‘What the f**k is happening to me right now?’”

The altercation was so bad Lorenn says she could barely move her neck the following morning — and was covered in bruises on her neck and shoulders:

“Even my face was swollen because of how hard he hit me. He’s like a big man. I may be trans, but I’m certainly not that big. He’s a big man.”

So why haven’t we heard about this before now? Lorenn told the outlet she never filed a police report about the alleged incident since she has experienced situations like this in the past:

“I’m a trans woman. This is not something that I necessarily haven’t experienced before so my first instinct was not to go to the police.”

Her friend Shayan corroborated the claims, saying Rondeau was “out of control and a belligerent drunk” at the time and witnessed him grabbing Lorenn in the hot tub. Although she did not see what happened inside the house, Shayan said she spotted the bruises on Elissa’s body the next day.

As we mentioned, Rondeau was involved in a separate incident with Moakler weeks later in which police took him into custody for domestic violence after he hopped on her Instagram account to say their relationship was over and accuse her of infidelity. After the shocking altercation, he denied all of the allegations that he got physical with the reality star, claiming he’d “never lay a hand on another woman.” Uh huh.

Neither Shanna nor Matthew has spoken out about this accusation. We are wishing Elissa so much healing after the terrifying incident.

[Image via Matthew Rondeau/Instagram, Shanna Moakler/Instagram, Elissa Lorenn/Instagram]

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