Doctor Breaks Down Injuries in Horror Movies

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It’s a “Doctor Reacts” Halloween Special where I take a look at some of the most extreme injuries from horror movies. Most of these I haven’t seen before so was quite the education for me! We check out scenes from Alien, Final Destination 2, Saw V, Scream, and a bunch of others, along the way breaking down the injuries and the medical science. If you managed to stomach it, I hope you enjoy it!

Please leave a comment if there are other movies or TV shows you’d like me to look at.

If you enjoyed this then you will 100% enjoy my break down of defibrillator scenes from TV and Film here:

00:00 Welcome!
00:19 28 Weeks Later: Kiss of Death
01:27 Alien: Chestburster
03:21 Final Destination 3: Sunbed
04:52 Final Destination 2: Glass
06:06 Scream: Garage Door
07:46 Midsommar: Cliff Jump
08:38 Saw V: 10 Pints of Sacrifice
10:17 Thanks for watching! Come again soon!

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Clips used under fair use (education and review):

28 Weeks Later move clip © 2007 20th Century Fox (UK), Fox Atomic (US)
Alien movie clip © 1979 20th Century Fox
Final Destination 3 movie clip © 2006 New Line Cinema
Final Destination 2 movie clip © 2003 New Line Cinema
Scream movie clip © 1996 Dimension Films
Midsommar movie clip © 2019 A24 (United States), Nordisk Film (Sweden)
Saw V movie clip © 2008 Lionsgate

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