Dread Central’s Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2023

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scream 6 568x320 - Dread Central's Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2023

Now that this year is finally ending, we’re setting our sights on the horror movies we’re getting in 2023. We sat down as a staff and made a short list of movies that we are collectively dying to see. We have new installments of favorite franchises. A possible impending bear phase that we all seem to be into. Happily watching so many writers and directors that we stan showing up with projects that look chaotic. We are also looking, respectfully, at many hot casts coming to take our money. So, while we don’t know what 2023 holds in store for any of us personally, we do know the horror films are at least going to be worth it.


Expected: January 6, 2023

A life-like doll is about to wreak havoc in this sci-fi horror situation. The M3GAN PR Team grabbed our attention from day one. While the movie is rated PG-13, we’re not letting that phase us because Akela Cooper wrote the screenplay. Her Malignant is still fresh in our minds, and we know she’s going to find a way to bring chaos. 

Infinity Pool

Expected: January 27, 2023

A vacation takes a turn after a fatal accident leads to violence and unimaginable horror. This film is highly anticipated because Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård are becoming staples in the genre. It’s also a Brandon Cronenberg, so we already know it’s going to take the express bus to the corner of Wild and Weird.

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey

Expected: February 15, 2023

The film follows Pooh and Piglet as they go on a rampage after Christopher Robin abandons them for college. We”ve been following this movie since we broke the story in May. While most of us didn’t think we needed a bloody Pooh-filled rampage, we’re all curious to see how this turns out. 

Cocaine Bear

Expected: February 24, 2023

An assortment of characters finds themselves up against a bear that has accidentally done cocaine. They had most of our staff at the imagery that comes from the title. We don’t know what to expect from this movie, but we know it’s going to be a good time. Ray Liotta, Keri Russell, and Matthew Rhys are starring alongside the head bear. 

Scream VI

Expected: March 10, 2023

The survivors of the most recent Woodsboro Massacre are heading to New York City! There’s no escaping Ghostface, so we’re excited to see what happens with this installment of this beloved franchise. Because Scream (2022) was a mood, we can’t even imagine what Radio SIlence and crew are about to give us. We want it ASAP!


Expected: April 14, 2023

Nic Cage Renfield 960x509 - Dread Central's Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2023

We all know Dracula’s henchman is a character which is why Nicholas Cage was the only choice for the role. We also love that this is going to be a rated-R affair because we can’t contain the Cage. It also means we’re going to hopefully see some blood, guts, and carnage which are three of our favorite things.

Evil Dead Rise

Expected: April 21, 2023

Screenshot 2022 12 24 101117 960x467 - Dread Central's Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2023

This time around with the Necronomicon, we’re following two sisters who run into the gnarly demons we’ve come to expect in the Evil Dead films. Family is awful, and demons are awful, so putting the two together gives this movie an advantage over the others on the list. I might have to have an adult escort me to the theater. There ain’t no franchise like the Evil Dead franchise because the Evil Dead franchise is chaos! 

Insidious: Fear the Dark

Expected: July 7, 2023

These demons are still beefing with the Lamberts ten years after the last installment. Dalton begins college and is seemingly taking a lot of demonic baggage with him into the franchise’s fifth entry. The usual suspects are returning, with Patrick Wilson making his directorial debut. We don’t know what else this franchise can do to us. However, we’re ready to take this ride.

The Exorcist

Expected: October 13, 2023

Screenshot 2022 12 24 100707 - Dread Central's Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2023

This sequel to the 1973 film is definitely on our watch list. Plus, it’s directed by David Gordon Green of the Halloween reboot trilogy. We love a good exorcism, and this IP has been through so much that we can’t help but keep rooting for her. The cast includes Ellen Burstyn, Ann Dowd, and Leslie Odom Jr. We’ll be leaning in the second it drops. 

Salem’s Lot

Expected: TBA

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A writer travels to a town with a vampire problem in the newest version of this Stephen King tale. We were supposed to get it this year, but we were supposed to also get a lot of things this decade. There is still no date or trailer, so we’re being cautiously optimistic that we will finally get this film into our eyeballs sooner rather than later.


Expected: TBA

sick 01 1024x512 - Dread Central's Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2023

Friends think they’re quarantining at a lake house alone, but they are dead wrong! They had us at Kevin Williamson, but the festival appearance it made had Twitter talking. I want this movie more than I want my next breath. We thought we didn’t want pandemic horror, but Kevin Williamson told us to sit down, and I am here for it. Someone take my money, please!

Beau Is Afraid (f.k.a. Disappointment Boulevard)

Expected: TBA

Beau Is Afraid 1 960x540 - Dread Central's Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2023

Ari Aster’s newest film is described as “a decades-spanning portrait of one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time”. The A24 and Aster combo is always something to talk about, so of course we’re going to show up. It’s also a surrealist comedy horror with Parker Posey, so we all need to see how all these words work together.

Are you as ready to open your wallet for this slate of 2023 horror movies on the horizon? Did we miss a movie you’re excited to see? Let me know at @misssharai

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