Harlow’s Haunt Joins BayView Entertainment For Distribution Of Florida Indie

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Harlow’s Haunt, the new horror movie starring John Dugan is already getting considerable online buzz and will be distributed by the same company who brought you SKINAMARINK.

Indie horror is alive and well and reaching new and bigger audiences all the time. The genre of lower budget, independently produced films is certainly unique an in demand. Many ‘Indies’ deliver new and unusual stories along with an immersive and visceral feel. The impact of a well executed movie, such as The Blair Witch Project can send shivers down your spine and ripples across the horror movie industry as well as light the creative fires of aspiring horror filmmakers.

Black Dog Filmz, a central Florida based production group, recently joined with BayView Entertainment for the exclusive worldwide distribution of Harlow’s Haunt. BayView Entertainment is a longtime industry leader in many facets of media production, marketing and distribution. One quite notable popular current release from BayView Entertainment is SKINAMARINK which is creeping out audiences in theaters and streaming while also propelling the love of indie horror ever forward.

Harlow’s Haunt stars John Dugan (Grandpa from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) in the title role as a man who has a questionable past hiding behind his likable facade. Set in the dual timelines of 1926 and present day, Harlow’s deceitful actions span the decades to meet a group of troubled young adults on a supposedly fun night out on Halloween.

This group of friends, who are now reconnecting after a recent tragedy, have their own demons lurking inside as the evil they unleashed as children playing with a Ouija Board years ago returns. The consequences have impacted them all in one way or another throughout their lives, leading to a mind-bending finale at The Haunt.

Harlow’s Haunt was filmed at a real, working haunt attraction in Plant City, Florida, Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail. The backwoods ‘off-the-beaten-path’ setting is a strong character in creating the whole creepy sideshow vibe of the movie. The immersive cinematography and character driven storyline aims to put the viewer in the scene as a silent observer unable to blink. The pace is a bit unusual with plenty of story and character development that leads the viewer to a number of ‘Ah-ha!’ moments as they connect the dots. As the story unfolds we swiftly arrive at the ending which is already generating buzz.

Film festivals are another great finger on the pulse of a particular movie’s reception. Harlow’s Haunt has received ‘Best Horror Film’ at Sofia Art Film Awards, ‘Best Horror Film’, ‘Best Indie Feature Film’, ‘Best Poster’ and ‘Special Mention Thriller Film’ at 1st Monthly Film Festival. ‘Special Selection’ in multiple categories at Lift-Off Global Network Filmmaker Sessions at Pinewood Studios as well as ‘Official Selection’ at The Halloween Horror Picture Show.

Horror movie reviewers and influencers who have watched an early screening of Harlow’s Haunt are resonating with the way the movie made them ‘feel’ after watching it. Some have even organized discussions among themselves trying to decode the sudden and cryptic ending. One common bit of feedback is how this movie pulls you back in for a rewatch to listen and watch for more story clues that you may have missed the first time around. Harlow’s Haunt invites the viewer to come on in!

Random Reviews says: “At the end there is a rise of anxiety while watching and you think it will just level out to a closing. That is not the case here. It takes a massive dive into something you would have not expected. You will also witness one of the greatest female screams in horror.”

@bethloveshorror reports: “This is probably going to be my first post of many talking about this movie because I enjoyed it so much. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there is something very unique about the last 30 minutes or so that I NEED to talk about with horror friends. It’s a complete mind… fudgickle.”

Harlow’s Haunt team members are making guest appearances on various podcasts and shows as well as booking convention panels and activities to meet and greet and discuss the movie and anything about indie filmmaking. Keep and eye out for the schedule and come say ‘hello’!


Bio: Terry Jarrell is founder at Black Dog Filmz, writer, producer and director of Harlow’s Haunt. Terry has worked in the creative world for a number of years in supporting indie filmmakers’ technical and cinematography efforts, small camera systems, 360 tech, drones and more. Also a writer, Terry has been a regular contributor to numerous online news sources for almost two decades.


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