‘Blood Relative’ & ‘Goonies’ Film Reenactment Drama Pilots Not Going Forward

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Fox has made its new drama series pickup decisions for the 2021-21 season, going with two projects that came through the network’s recently adopted straight-to-series development model involving the opening of a writers room, Our Kind of People and Monarch, and two 2020 pilots whose production had been pushed by the pandemic, The Big Leap and The Cleaning Lady.    That leaves two other 2020 hourlong pilots, Blood Relative and The Goonies-themed Film Reenactment Project. Both are getting a pass.  As Deadline reported earlier this week, The Film Reenactment Project — previously known as Untitled The Goonies Reenactment Project, about a woman who helps three students who are making a shot-for-shot remake of The Goonies — played a little too young for Fox.  2021 Fox Pilots & Series Orders  W …

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