Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 12-27-21:

master mentalism tricks

The moment many fans have been waiting for is finally here!

John’s got the Devil cornered, and this time it’s the one tied up instead of him.

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 12-27-21 promise an exorcism, but is this truly the end of the Devil possessing Marlena?

Spoilers for the Week of 12-27-21 - Days of Our Lives

According to the spoiler video, the Devil still has a little fight left in it.

John surrounds himself with Marlena’s loved ones in the hopes that love can drive the evil spirit left, but the Devil threatens to tell Sami what Lucas did to her.

This was a predictable threat and one that Lucas should ignore. After all, the Devil is the master of lies, so why should Sami believe its claims?

Hopefully, the Devil will also make a “death bed” confession that it influenced Lucas to do such an out-of-character thing in the first place. That’s the only way that storyline makes sense.

Spoilers indicate that John won’t be successful right away.

That’s unsurprising. Whether you loved or hated the possession story, it was HUGE, and a story this big deserves a big payoff.

That payoff will come in the form of Eric returning to Salem. He’s returned to the priesthood and is eager to banish the evil demon from his mother. Unfortunately, a clip from the spoiler video suggests that the Devil will take Kristen’s form to try to tempt Eric. Leave it to the Devil to take the form of Eric’s rapist. Yuck!

If you’re not into the Devil stuff, don’t panic. There’s plenty more going on in Salem on Days of Our Lives during the week of 12027-21. Please scroll down to check out the spoiler photos.

Christmas Morning 2021 - Days of Our Lives

It’s Christmas morning in Salem.

Days of Our Lives is known for stretching holidays over weeks. And with the real Christmas falling on a Saturday in 2021, the series had to extend the holiday into the new week if it was going to do its traditional Christmas reading at the hospital.

Fans look forward to the reading of the Christmas story, and there’s usually a miracle or two involved for some of our favorite Salem residents. 

Hopefully, the Christmas party will go smoothly since the Devil is tied up elsewhere.

John Begins Marlena's Exorcism - Days of Our Lives

John begins Marlena’s exorcism.

Although the Devil’s relationship to Catholic theology this time around was limited to it wincing every time it heard God’s name, it appears the ending will be more closely aligned with religious beliefs.

The power of good should be most potent during the Christmas season, making an exorcism more likely to succeed, and the Devil’s powers must be waning since John was able to restrain it.

All that’s missing is a priest, but that’ll be rectified soon enough when Eric returns.

Johnny and Chanel Deliver Good News - Days of Our Lives

Johnny and Chanel deliver their good news to Allie and Tripp.

Allie’s reaction will probably surprise Johnny and Chanel, but it’s predictable.

As Paulina pointed out, Chanel and Alie’s feelings for each other haven’t been resolved yet, not by a long shot. Even though Allie just freaked out over the possibility of losing Tripp and declared her love for him, her jealousy will probably boil over again when she hears Chanel and Johnny are married.

Unfortunately, spoilers suggest that Johnny and Chanel will split up soon, leaving Chanel to cry on Allie’s shoulder. Bisexual representation is important, but can we please get a less predictable and more realistic story?

Eric Returns to Salem - Days of Our Lives

Eric returns to Salem to help exorcise the Devil!

Someone should have called Eric to help with this a long time ago.

It would have been great if Marlena did it when the Devil first threatened her through Doug, but then there wouldn’t have been any story at all.

I’m curious whether Eric returned to the priesthood after breaking up with Nicole or whether he did it out of necessity when he learned his mother was possessed.

Steve and Kayla Have a Little Romance - Days of Our Lives

Steve and Kayla have a little romance as they set up for the Christmas party at the hospital.

There’s no such thing as too much Steve and Kayla.

Their last attempt at a romantic scene turned out to be phony thanks to the Devil disguising itself as Steve. So Stayla fans need and want some real romance now.

These two had better be careful, though. If their romance goes on for too long, they’ll be kissing straight into New Year’s Eve.

Possessed Marlena Toys With Lucas and Sami - Days of Our Lives

Possessed Marlena toys with Lucas and Sami.

The Devil is getting desperate.

Now that Eric is back, the evil demon’s chances of regaining power have gone from slim to none.

Hopefully, Lucas and Sami won’t give in to its threats or believe its claims. But this should be a lesson to Lucas. If he hadn’t been desperate to keep Sami from EJ, the Devil would have nothing to mess with him about.

Nicole's Latest Heartbreak - Days of Our Lives

Nicole is stunned to learn that EJ wants to reconcile with Sami.

This shouldn’t be so much of a shock since Nicole worried about it not that long ago.

Of course, if EJ hadn’t sworn that he was done with Sami and only wanted Nicole, then switched the names and said the same thing to Sami, Nicole wouldn’t be left heartbroken.

This puts EJ in a terrible light, but it does free Nicole to be with Rafe, so there’s that.

Ben and Ciara Look Forward to the Future - Days of Our Lives

Ben and Ciara look forward to their new addition in the New Year.

Now that they’ve appeared to defeat the Devil, the young couple can bask in their excitement over having their first child.

But is the Devil truly gone? Or will it somehow be able to continue to threaten Ben and Ciara’s baby even after being exorcised from Marlena?

Let’s hope that’s an empty threat. We’ve had enough of this particular Devil to last several lifetimes.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics. Hit that big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know what you think of the possible exorcism, the lead-in to New Years, and everything else happening on Days of Our Lives during the week of 12-27-21.

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