Grey’s Anatomy Round Table: Was Amelia’s Spiral Understandable or Annoying?

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Addison makes everything better.

Addison’s reappearance on Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 16 made her the MVP of the hour, from checking in with Bailey as the doxxing situation escalates to talking some sense into Amelia. And the hour also gave us more nostalgic callbacks to enjoy.

Join former TV Fanatic Meaghan Frey, aspiring actor Joshua Johnson, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the hour.

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Do you think Grey’s has become too overbearing or too much like a PSA exploring topical issues?

Joshua: Normally, I would say yes.

Blue Saves  - tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 16

I’ve always thought Grey’s has been preachy in exploring topical social issues, especially when it occurs in Very Special Episode format.

I felt that this episode’s approach toward gun violence in America was particularly effective. I thought that focusing on the long-term effects of trauma that a mass shooting can have centered the story around compassion for survivors instead of general moral outrage.

Besides that, Owen’s monologue was well-written and well-acted, and something I’ve felt and thought about myself, to be perfectly honest. If anything was overbearing, it was simultaneously exploring two major, highly topical, political issues. It reminds me of Grey’s Covid season, which was well done but overwhelming.

Meaghan: The problem is that they must be more consistent in handling the topics. When it comes to women’s healthcare, they’ve managed to effortlessly weave it into the storylines in a way that feels true to the series and the characters.

However, you get stories like them addressing mass shootings in the episode, and it begins to feel heavy-handed. It would have been great if they had taken a more nuanced approach and left it to the patient and how the shooting impacted him.

Bickering Husband  - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9

Instead, they took it a step further with Owen’s monologue, and it took a turn straight into PSA territory. They need to trust the viewers that we will see the message they are trying to portray without force-feeding it to us.

Jasmine: I agree that the Owen monologue was like a PSA, but overall, I haven’t minded their approach to tackling issues this season because it doesn’t feel as forced and heavy-handed as the approach they had taken with a few different things in the recent past.

They had gotten to a point where they were reciting statistics and figures while staring at the camera, so I’ll take this method now.

Should Addison return to the series permanently? Did you enjoy her wellness check with Bailey and Amelia?

Joshua: Addison’s return to the series would only help it. Kate Walsh just brings an energy to the cast when she’s around.

I loved her talk with Amelia; it was precisely what Amelia needed to hear, in only the way that Addison could say it. I did like that she came out to Seattle just for a wellness check on Bailey, especially considering Bailey’s doxxing. I’ve always appreciated their friendship, and this was no exception.

Meaghan: YES, PLEASE! I have loved Addison’s every appearance this season, and this episode was yet another reminder of why she is one of the greatest characters in the Grey’s Anatomy universe.

I agree with Joshua; Addison giving Amelia the exact kick in her ass that she needed, which could only be delivered by someone who knows her as well as Addison does, was perfect.

Welcome Back, Addy - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 3

Jasmine: Kate Walsh is everything. EVERYTHING!

I love it when she guest-stars, and she has a way of owning everything when she appears. I have loved every second of her return, and if she were around more, the show would only be better. I loved her giving Amelia that reality check, and her friendship with Bailey has been such special this season. I adore their scenes together.

Were you worried about that patient attacking Bailey? Was the phone call idea effective or unrealistic?

Joshua: This part terrified me. I didn’t expect the patient to get up and run after Bailey. Watching her run away was scary, and I feared for her more than I did when she had her heart attack. I loved Kwan taking him down and Teddy later covering for him.

As for the phone calls, I like the idea, but I don’t know how I feel about it. It seemed a little trite as it was happening, but then it made me think about how it challenges the end game of the people repeatedly calling her.

Mommy-Daughter Days  - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 14

Meaghan: I was genuinely concerned for her when the patient started charging her. I wasn’t sure how far they would take the doxxing storyline; I still don’t feel she is in the clear. I will be holding my breath until the finale.

The phone calls were nice in theory, but they aren’t reasonable people they are dealing with. The other doctors’ sentiments wouldn’t so easily sway them. The only reason it would give them pause is they may feel less anonymous than before; that could leave those concerned about potential repercussions at least a little more hesitant.

Jasmine: I was genuinely afraid for Bailey when that man ran after her like that. It was such a stressful sequence, and knowing it was building to that made it more nerve-wracking than ever. Blue taking him down was such a relief.

I appreciate the sentiment of calling people, but I needed to see where a simple conversation and humanizing everyone would’ve helped or been effective. It also puts more doctors at risk. I don’t know how this can stop things.

What are your thoughts on Amelia’s spiraling and how she treated everyone else around her?

Joshua: First, I love Caterina Scorsone. This isn’t news, but she gave us classic Amelia, pushing away everyone around her. She was being unfair to everyone in the way she was treating them.

It was amusing when it first seemed like a casual annoyance, but it felt mean when she lashed out at Winston. She said some really cruel things to him that felt designed to hurt him, and I don’t like that side of Amelia.

When she lashed out at Mika, it felt entirely uncalled for. By the end of the episode, I did appreciate Amelia seeing that she has people around her who care about her, but maybe it’s time for her to start giving herself the care she wants from others.

Thrilled to be Reunited  - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 14

Meaghan: I did a rewatch of Private Practice recently, and the Amelia we saw in this episode felt so much like the Amelia of Private Practice before all of her growth. I understand that Amelia is hurting, but how she was lashing out at everyone within breathing distance of her was uncalled for.

Just last week, she was relating to Winston, given her situation with Kai; now, she blames him and poor Mika. As someone seen as the screw-up for a large part of her personal and professional life, it was cold of Amelia to snap at Mika over such a small mistake. She should know better than to belittle someone like that.

With the current pattern we have been seeing of them burning down their strong female leads before they exit, I’m hoping this isn’t a sign that Caterina Scorsone is headed out the door.

Jasmine: Amelia got on every last nerve during this episode. I love Amelia, I do, and I totally understand her background. Still, it always bugs me that she must come with this huge disclaimer about her background, trials and tribulations, and these Private Practice referrals whenever she’s criticized for her behavior.

Amelia's New Trajectory - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 1

Amelia is not the only person or character who has been through things. Sometimes, it feels like she gets justifications and excuses for her behavior that others don’t get.

Even Owen’s dismissive “That’s just Amelia” thing irked me because she shouldn’t be the only one allowed to have a bad day, and other people don’t have to put up with it. I appreciated that Owen was saying he was not putting up with her BS that day.

I loathed how she treated Winston and Mika, and I’m so glad Addison called her to the carpet.

Did Link overstep with Jo, or did she treat him too harshly? Luna’s hearing loss isn’t progressive. React.

Joshua: While I understood how scared and overwhelmed Jo felt, I absolutely thought she treated Link too harshly.

Jolink in bed  - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 13

By the end of the episode, he accepts her apology wholeheartedly without holding onto hurt feelings, emphasizing how good he is for her. He always gives her space to feel what she needs without holding it against her.

As for Luna, I’m glad it’s not something worse than isolated hearing loss. Jo has been through enough.

Meaghan: I will give Jo a bit of grace for how she handled this situation. She overreacted toward Link, but I understand where she came from. Jo’s mind was going to the worst-case scenarios, and she couldn’t see past that at the moment.

I’m glad that she immediately apologized to Link once she got the good news and could breathe again. The relationship they are building is so healthy; we need that in the series right now.

Jo and the Box -tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 7

Jasmine: I know this is an unpopular opinion, but the initial setup of this storyline felt like Jo’s initial issue was having a child with hearing loss, and there was something about their reaction that rubbed me the wrong way, but by the end, they had to emphasize that she was afraid it was a result of something more serious.

I thought she was way too harsh on Link, especially since she was much easier with Levi. But I’m glad they all worked things out, and Luna is okay.

Do you agree with Helm going off on Teddy out of concern for Mika?

Joshua: This was my favorite moment of the episode, and it served as a reminder that these interns are here because the program was–and is still–broken, and not much has been done to really fix it.

Earnest Mika  - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 14

Meaghan: Helm for the win! It’s about damn time someone said it. With the mass exodus we saw from healthcare professionals during the pandemic, the system needs to be fixed.

It’s always blown my mind that residents are expected to work a zillion hours on a wage that doesn’t even come close to reflecting the work they are putting in. I understand that they will reap the rewards down the road, but that doesn’t help them at the moment.

I’m surprised we haven’t seen more residents throughout the show resorting to getting a second income. I hope that Teddy takes Helm’s words to heart and makes the changes the program needs.

Jasmine: I agree with you guys. I’m so glad she came in and advocated for Mika, especially as someone who has gone through burnout and knows what it’s like to slip through the cracks.

It’s been frustrating that after everything that’s happened, including the pandemic, people still weren’t noticing what was happening with Mika or doing anything about it.

Should Winston be head of cardio?

Joshua: Winston should be considered for head of cardio. I wasn’t surprised they didn’t just make him head of cardio when Maggie left; I didn’t expect it to be a potential plot arc. He’s shown himself as a good teacher and was taught by the best. If he’s the best candidate, then yes.

Meaghan: With Teddy as Chief of Surgery, do they have other candidates? Like Joshua, I assumed he’d get the role once Maggie left. If they went in a different direction and hired someone outside the hospital, they’d risk losing Winston altogether; I highly doubt Teddy is willing to take that chance.

Jasmine: They don’t have anyone else, so it’s what makes the most sense. I assumed he would get the position anyway. He’s excellent at what he does.

Marriage or Career -tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 14

Which callbacks and references did you enjoy most (Maggie’s video call, Mer’s mention, supplies, and note from Cristina, etc.)?

Joshua: The supplies from Cristina got me the hardest. Maggie and Meredith are only recently gone, and Yang mentions are like little unicorn sightings. Plus, the fact that her mention was to help Addison just made it all the more emotional. I won’t lie, friends: I spontaneously burst into tears.

Meaghan: The Cristina package hit me hard. I loathe — though reluctantly accept — that Sandra Oh has been adamant that she won’t return to the series, so I relish any of these little moments we get that keep Cristina alive somewhere in the universe.

Another throwback I loved was Addison giving Bailey some good “juju.” It was such a small fleeting moment, instantly destroyed by Bailey sending it flying, but it immediately brought me back to the first time Addison introduced it.

This season has been so good at working in the callbacks to the early seasons.

Addison Treats Connor -tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 12

Jasmine: I LOVED that Cristina reference. They’re special little bits that we rarely get, but it’s nice to know that she’s still an integral part of their lives and the series when it’s mentioned. I was smiling so hard when they got to that scene.

I loved that Addison juju bit too. Why does everyone always disrespect her juju? LOL!

Does Jules’ reason for being against love make sense? Did Lucas make the right call turning Man of Honor duties over to Jules?

Joshua: I think Jules’ reason for being against love does make sense, especially since it seems like the cycle was continuing with Kwan–ending up in the “reject program” and starting to have feelings for another classmate. I loved that Princess Astrid was real and into Jules’ patient.

Jules and Lucas - tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 16

Asking Jules to take over for him as Maid of Honor was Lucas’s smartest thing all season. He shouldn’t have taken the role, to begin with; even if it did help mend fences between Simone and him, it was still a terrible idea.

Meaghan: I understand her reasoning, but I can’t help but hope that Kwan is the one to change her mind. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good rom-com storyline.

Thank god Lucas finally grew a brain and bowed out as Maid of Honor. If Simone isn’t going to be smart enough to put some distance between them, he will have to do it.

Jasmine: It didn’t make that much sense to me, but I’m hoping she’ll open her heart and mind to the idea because she and Blue have great chemistry and could be special. I also loved the Princess Astrid bit.

My baby boy made the right call. He’s starting to consider his own feelings, and he needs that. It’s a mark of his confidence and growth. And someone needs to do something about this because Simone is still committed to pretending this wedding will happen. Bless her heart.

Lucas is Smitten  - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9

What was your favorite storyline, scene, character, etc., from the episode?

Joshua: Amelia’s spiral and Helm’s going off on Teddy were my favorite moments—excellent acting from Caterina and Jaicy.

I also thought that Schmidt did a great job of talking Jo off a ledge; it showed how well he connects with parents and that Peds is a good fit for him. Besides that, it was nice to see the two be friends together.

Meaghan: Addison putting Amelia in her place was my favorite moment. What I loved so much about this scene was how Addison kept saying, “I love you, AND…” It was such a small detail, but I immediately took notice.

Typically when people are going to tell you something that makes them angry about you, it’s always, “I love you, but…” It almost implies conditions for their love. By saying, “I love you and…” it tells Amelia that she loves despite her faults and flaws. That’s what Amelia needed.

Bickering Wife  - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 9

Jasmine: I was damn near cheering when Addison put Amelia in her place and knew how to do it effectively without making Amelia feel abandoned or unlovable or whatever. I second with Meghan said about the “I love you AND.”

I also loved Helm’s tirade of sorts. And, of course, that note from Yang.

Is there anything else you’d like to address?

Joshua: Until he said it to Amelia, I didn’t realize that Webber has had a lot of goodbyes lately as well, with Meredith and Maggie leaving.

Dapper Dad -tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Episode 14

On top of that, he has an impending goodbye hanging over his head. I’m glad that he reached out to Amelia when he needed someone; that’s not something that’s always come so easily to him.

Meaghan: I was happy to see that Maggie keeps in touch with Richard. I was worried that with some distance, she might pull back from Richard a bit. It’s good that Amelia and Richard have each other because they could be the perfect support system for each other right now.

Jasmine: I love Richard having all of these “kids,” so I’m glad he has reached out to Amelia, and they can go to meetings together, and their hug was the absolute cutest. Richard and his girls; for a man who didn’t raise any kids, he’s such a Girl Dad.

Over to you, Grey’s Fanatics. Do you agree with us? Sound off below!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

Jasmine Blu is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. She is an insomniac who spends late nights and early mornings binge-watching way too many shows and binge-drinking way too much tea. Her eclectic taste makes her an unpredictable viewer with an appreciation for complex characters, diverse representation, dynamic duos, compelling stories, and guilty pleasures. You’ll definitely find her obsessively live-tweeting, waxing poetic, and chatting up fellow Fanatics and readers. Follow her on Twitter.

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