Quincy Brown Talks Growing Up Diddy & New Paramount+ Docuseries

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The new Paramount+ docuseries Family Legacy promises to be a real treat for music fans as it offers an insight into the lives of some of the rock and pop world’s biggest names through the lens of their children.

It is narrated by Sean “Diddy” Combs’ adopted son Quincy Brown, whose mother Kim Porter died from a lung infection in 2018 (Brown’s biological father is singer Al. B. Sure!). The series classic performances and moments from the likes of Diddy, Linkin Park, Van Halen, Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Boyz II Men, TLC, Biggie Smalls, Brandy, and Melissa Etheridge.

It also features revealing interviews with their children, including Andrew Hagar (son of Van Halen’s Sammy Hagar), C.J. Wallace (son of Notorious B.I.G.), Draven Bennington (son of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington) and Sy’Rai Smith (daughter of Brandy).

For Diddy’s episode, Quincy Brown is joined by siblings Justin Combs and Christian “King” Combs, who reminisce through their father’s biggest MTV clips from Yo! MTV Raps, VMAs and TRL. We caught up with Brown, an actor, and music artist in his own right, to talk about what he took from the series and lessons learned from growing up with Diddy.


Sean “Diddy” Combs’ and Quincy Combs attend Diddy’s private birthday party at Mansion on November 5, 2008 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

What was it like to be part of this series and also narrate each episode?

Quincy Brown: It’s surreal. I think the way the world views my family, it’s hard for me to [open up]. But we’ve lived this life for so long that we have nothing but respect for every move made. To realize everything that was accomplished, there is truly a legacy. The way my brothers and I really get along. These past five years we’ve really taken a step back and looked at how our life has been and how blessed we’ve been. We’re continuing this legacy on. Being approached with this opportunity, I felt nervous. At the same time, I was proud to be amongst my family representing. I’m also still living my life and my truth.

How was it seeing that vintage footage?

To take a trip down memory lane is mind-boggling. A lot of times you see footage of yourself at a young age or things you don’t remember and it does something to you. To even see other families’ lives and how they were being brought up. It’s very similar but in a different way. It’s almost like we are all under this same industry umbrella but also just regular people. That was fun to look back at. It was cool to see the history. It made me wonder as I was watching, “What was I doing after that?”

I think it was perfect having Diddy and The Notorious B.I.G. featured on the same episode along with his son C.J. Wallace.

It’s a given. Why wouldn’t you. That’s what you are supposed to do. That’s family. To even see those two together, really registered. Then you see this next generation I’m proud more than anything.

What was the big takeaway from watching those vintage performances?

It reminded me how much hard work was put in these years until now. Looking at the footage from then to today, reminds me of the constant legacy. My family’s legacy is shown. It’s fun to have that reminder. I feel like there are a lot of moments in life that need a reminder because of how fast life we live. We could forget. Having those little reminders is very important.

How much would you say Diddy influenced and inspired your own career? What would you say has been the best advice he has given you?

I think the work is unmatched. It works for him, so you can’t expect him to tell you what exactly you have to do to be successful. He can only tell you what he did. You can use pieces of that to factor into how you see yourself. Whether it’s as a writer, producer, or artist. I see the beauty in his collaborations over the years. You have to find your perfect collaborators…I’m a different style of individual, but I can use some of his tactics. I take little bits of everything he does to shape my craft, especially my versatility. I’m a genreless artist. Even with collabs I have or will have, you’ll understand where and how I was inspired by bringing two people together who normally wouldn’t be together. I feel my pops did a good job with that.

Anything you can tease of your new music and follow up to your last EP, “Q-Side, B-Side”?

I got my dream collab finalized early. I can’t put it out just yet. I have a couple of projects coming. I just cut my hair, so I’m shifting my attitude

Speaking of that, you have a new single and video “Face Off” featuring your sisters. How was it working with them? They also played a part in cutting your hair. How did you come to that decision?

I think it was time to cut the hair. It was me growing. I think I’ve hit every hairstyle under the sun. I’ve done it all. I felt like I needed to get rid of it in a spiritual way. I feel a lot of it was hanging on to me. I wanted my sisters to do it…A lot of memories I needed to go but also ones I look forward to making. I feel my duality kicking in. We were on the “Q-Side” before. Now we’re getting ready to be on the B side. It is going to be a fun journey.

Along with music, you’ve done some acting including most recently Power Book III: Raising Kanan. What kind of roles are you looking for now?

I want to dive into the comedy world. Ever since I did Power Book, I’ve been in love with period pieces. Power gave me a nice invite into the 1990s. It was not too period piece because I was born in that time, but it was the same takeaway of telling stories that were in the past. I’m excited to dive into those. Me being an artist, I’m a chameleon. I’m genreless in this as well. It’s a new journey I’m starting now. It’s a reset. I’m a new person.

In the spirit of Family Legacy, do you remember the moment growing up when you realized your family wasn’t typical?

I was in middle school. I never mentioned my family to anyone. If you found, you found out. If you knew, you knew…I don’t think I shared this before but my entire school called me “Q Diddy.” Why? I don’t know. I thought it was a nickname they gave me, but it turned out they were secretly letting me know who my dad was.


I’m just picturing Diddy pulling up for Career Day.

No, he was on tour during those Career Days. He probably may have done Christian’s days. I also moved so much. I moved maybe eight or nine schools in my grade school…I went to five different high schools in four years.

What do you hope viewers walk away with from watching the docuseries?

I think it’s a reminder you didn’t know you needed it. It’s one of those moments, especially if you lived during that time. For a lot of viewers, they will be learning through this. I like to learn something new every day. There needs to be more of these types of things. But it all comes down to family. The most important thing to exist in the world.

Family Legacy premiere, April 25, Paramount+

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