See Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Watch Out for Wolves

master mentalism tricks

Wow! Okay, that was a lot of revelations and discoveries.

See Season 3 Episode 2 picks up right after the bomb exploded, killing Bow Lion. What follows is a series of realizations and some revelations that will have far-reaching consequences.

This episode delivered. There are jokes — as presented by Sibeth, action, romance, tension, treaties, two escapes, and of course, Baba Voss.

Maghra and Baba Voss Landscape - See Season 3 Episode 2

The attack by the Trivantian scientist shocks Baba. For as long as he has been alive — or even anyone else he knows for that matter has been, never have the ever a been a weapon so powerful. They are used to swords, spears, arrows, stones, and hand-to-hand combat.

Baba tries to explain what this weapon is. A weapon capable of tearing a grown human being into unrecoverable pieces while leaving a pit in the earth. Since terms like bombs have far disappeared from society’s diction, the only word he can describe it is by calling it God thunder — also known as lightning.

Maghra - See Season 3 Episode 2

Maghra’s days are becoming harder and harder.

She is faced with a proper moral dilemma when presented with the case of the witch hunters. She can’t reconcile with the idea of sentencing men to death for the crime of murder, while she can’t bring herself to give up Sibeth for the same crime.

As most leaders do when faced with a challenging task, she delegates the responsibility of dealing with the witch hunters to those under her — head witch hunter Tamacti Jun. Tamacti has dedicated his whole life to this endeavor, and the fact that he changed his mind about this shocked me.

While he is a greater authority and soldiers are bound to listen to him more than they are to listen to Maghra, it leaves to be seen whether they will obey.

Shiloh: We no longer recognize your authority, heretic.
Tamacti Jun: Regardless, Shiloh. I’m confident your skull will recognize my blade.

Tamcti Jun - See Season 3 Episode 2

On See Season 3 Episode 1, it was clear that Maghra found ruling challenging. She needs a reliable counselor. With no one else close to her, she results in listening to Sibeth.

Bad idea!

Sibeth is an all-around psychopath; there is no doubt about it. However, she also has experience with being a ruler. And within all the catty remarks, she offers sound advice. In a system of governance such as this one, a firm ruler is needed — someone who can become ruthless. Maghra is not cut out for this.

Maghra: Some (in the council) might think of the sparing of lives as strength of character.
Sibeth: No, they won’t. Not from you. As queen, sometimes you have to do things others might consider evil, even you might consider evil, for the good of the kingdom.

Wren’s decision to let Oloman go free was one made in self-interest. I know she has convinced herself that she is better than other Trivantian soldiers, but she isn’t. She worked under Edo for so long, so he must have seen something in her.

The reason she is doing this is because of Haniwa. They share both the ability of sight and a mutual romantic attraction.

Haniwa - See Season 3 Episode 2

Maybe, she thinks that preventing Trivante from blowing up Pennsa will put her in Haniwa’s good graces. Saving someone from imminent death sure does beat deserting them for close to a year while in pursuit of battle.

Speaking of Haniwa, anti-sight hate is getting to her. With what she has to deal with every day, I wouldn’t blame her if she turned radical. She is halfway there anyway, as she is making it quite clear that she believes in sight supremacy.

Don’t they understand that it’d be easier for me to kill them?


Even up to this point, despite knowing how awful Sibeth is, Kofun hasn’t warmed up to baby Wolffe. He hasn’t made his objections yet, but if Charlotte is to be believed, he must be dealing with many feelings about this.

Discovering that Wolffe is blind is huge. For him, it is not quite clear whether this is good or bad. For Sibeth, this is devastating. I can’t imagine her reaction when she finds out.

Kofun Holding Wolffie Potrait Season 3 Episode 2

Baba is back in Pennsa. Baba, you were missed!

Baba’s arrival should have been a much bigger deal if this was during normal circumstances. Maghra can breathe a sigh of relief now that he’s here.

The news that Baba comes bearing doesn’t make sense which is why Maghra is hesitant. Why would Trivante send its ambassador if they were planning on warring? Why would they make such an effort to kill Baba only?

Ranger: If I’m the Trivantians and I have this kind of power, why wait until now to use it? Could have obliterated you and all the armies of Paya at Greenhill Gap.
Baba Voss: They didn’t have it yet.

What they don’t understand is that this is not Trivante’s doing. This is the work of a man who is after revenge. The scientist — who I totally will not humanize by naming — feels himself a god. He is driven by greed. He wants to kill Baba to avenge Edo and capture Trivante, Pennsa, and every nation in all cardinal directions.

Baba Voss Attack - See Season 3 Episode 2

Maghra seems to be toughening up, however.

When she takes Wolffe off Sibeth’s arms, it is the beginning. Her decision to hold Baba in lockup is rational considering what’s at stake here. It might not be the most pacific, but it is the practical thing to do. Who knows? She might be cut out for this after all.

The episode ends with Baba Voss learning a couple of things. His reactions are priceless to most of them until that one thing. Kofun has a son? Sibeth’s the mother? Who did what to Paris again?

His reaction to Paris’ murder is what one would expect. Honestly, at that moment, if he had laid hands on Sibeth, he’d have killed her. Maybe did a favor to many people.

Sibeth’s escape was surprising but not shocking in the least.

Maghra, Kofun and Wolffie - See Season 3 Episode 2

She is a proper narcissist. She is always looking to be at the center of the narrative. Being decapitated for the Trivantians is a glorious way to go in her mind. She will become a legend.

But being captured? Live the rest of her days as a prisoner suffering lord knows what? To leave a legacy of a failed queen? Count her out!

I’m curious to know; how do you think she escaped? Let us know in the comments.

New Episodes of See stream every Friday on Apple TV+.

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