‘Swipe Night: Killer Weekend’: Meet the Characters of Tinder’s Interactive

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Online dating can be a risky game — you either win a sweet prize or experience complete disaster with each swipe — but dating app Tinder is creating new levels of romance through its interactive social experience, Swipe Night.

Tinder’s pioneering video series brings users on a first-person journey, a choose-your-own-adventure that requires solving a ‘”whodunit” murder mystery. And this Sunday, November 7, the Emmy-nominated series returns with a second season, Swipe Night: Killer Weekend, featuring a new cutting-edge storyline and a whole different cast.

With over 10 choices in each episode, Tinder members play a role in the story and make decisions that will influence the narrative — as well as who they connect with. At the end of every episode, viewers can have a low-pressure convo with other members through the “Fast Chat” feature, where they’re able to exchange theories, untangle the mystery together, and hopefully kindle a new adventure of their own.

Scroll down to meet the new characters who will help Tinder users meet their next match.

Ashley Granger, Luke Slattery, and Iván Carlo in Swipe Night Killer Weekend

Ashley Ganger, Luke Slattery, and Iván Carlo (Tinder)

Aimes (Ashley Ganger)

Grand Army star Ashley Granger plays Swipe Night’s outspoken and fashion-forward character, Aimes. “She’s great under pressure and maybe a little too smart for her own good,” says Granger. It’s hard not to love Aimes, even though everyone is still a suspect. “Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? You get to live out your Scooby-Doo detective fantasy while also potentially finding love — I mean it sounds pretty good to me.”

Benji (Luke Slattery)

After appearing in shows like NBC’s New Amsterdam, Luke Slattery is now boosting his acting career with his new role, Benji. Slattery describes Benji as someone “folks will be annoyed and charmed by — in that order.”

Francisco (Iván Carlo)

If you like reserved men with tattoos, Francisco is your perfect match! Gossip Girl actor Ivan Carlo plays the quiet and mysterious new kid on the block, Francisco, who is intense yet quick-witted. Carlo gushes about the chemistry he and the rest of the cast have together. “I think the friendships we all built during this process will shine through,” Carlo states, “and I’m very thankful to the first cast as well as Tinder for developing this exciting new stream of entertainment.”

Emile Ravenet and Francesca Xuerb in Swipe Night Killer Weekend

Emile Ravenet and Francesca Xuerb (Tinder)

Otis (Emile Ravenet)

“I hope audiences will find Otis to be confident and handsome,” says Ravenet. The up-and-coming actor, who makes his major acting debut in Killer Weekend, calls this season “more of an intimate experience” than the first.

Phoebe (Francesca Xuereb)

Francesca Xuereb, who will next be seen in HBO Max’s The Sex Lives of College Girls, takes on the role of the slightly self-obsessed girl with a warm heart. “I think people will love Phoebe,” says Xuereb, “but maybe I just think that because Phoebe would think that about Phoebe.”

Nozipho Mclean and Calvin Seabrooks in Swipe Night Killer Weekend

Nozipho Mclean and Calvin Seabrooks (Tinder)

Reese (Nozipho Mclean)

Reese is the eccentric and charming character of the bunch. Mclean, previously seen in The Inheritance, describes Reese as “the oddball out of the group” — “if everyone goes right, Reese goes left,” she says. Because she’s such a wild card, audiences may find it a little challenging to trust her, but at least she commands our attention!

Tex (Calvin Seabrooks)

Tex is the invisible member of the group, or what Seabrooks describes as “the quintessential ‘last guy picked.’” He doesn’t let himself be the main character of his own life and audiences may feel sorry for him, but the Westworld alum teases that “a totally unexpected side” is unleashed when he’s trapped with the rest of the characters. “This season takes everything from last season and cranks it up to 11. It’s scarier, more claustrophobic, the comedy is so dark and grounded.”

Swipe Night, Sunday, November 7, Tinder app

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