The Rookie Season 5 Episode 16 Spoilers: Chenford’s First Valentine

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We revisited some storylines from the past episodes, including the legendary beef between Angela and Elijah, which made for an entertaining hour on The Rookie Season 5 Episode 15.

Nolan and Bailey went to make final arrangements after Nolan’s conning mother passed away,which pushed their wedding to a later date.

Two evil people united after they realized the police had played them against each other.

Spoilers - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 16

All these storylines will take a backseat on The Rookie Season 5 Episode 16 because spoilers tease something else entirely.

It will be Valentine-themed, well after the actual holiday, because, for some reason, ABC either miscalculated their dates or, like God, they work in mysterious ways.

Lucy - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 16

Chenford’s first valentine

Saying Chenford has been a slow burn would not do this ship justice. Their path to being together has been a long one. We almost lost hope along the way.

But now that they are together, is nothing stopping them anymore?

Whatever your feelings about Valentine’s Day, they are irrelevant. Whether you think it is the most important day of the year or you think it is an elaborate plan by our capitalistic society to get you to spend more money, it doesn’t matter if you are a Chenford fan.

Tim - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 16

This valentine’s Day is Chenford’s first as a proper couple, and big things will be happening.

Tim buys Lucy a necklace, which he places around her neck. With Angela’s blessing, Chenford is bound to have a great day. You can bet on that.

It is possible that everyone else will find out about their relationship. There has never been a better time. And really, it is impressive how they have managed to keep this on the down low in a building full of people whose job is to uncover secrets.

Nolan is back in action.

John - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 16

Nolan has been slowly disappearing into the background recently, which hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Between dealing with the surprising antics of his atypical boot named Celina and going home to deal with the death of his mother, he has been missing in action.

This episode teases Nolan in action.

The LAPD learns of a militia with a huge mobile meth lab in Los Angeles, and you know how labs are. With that many flammable chemicals in the truck, it is a bomb just waiting to detonate.

The team manages to track and follow the truck. They corner it somewhere and prepare for anything because, like most militia, this one can be unpredictable.

Celina - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 16

In the promo, Nolan can be seen booming out an order, and if there is anything we know about The Rookie, they don’t go the easy route, so we can expect a gunfight.

The mobile bomb is not the only emergency that could put the masses at risk. The team also learns of three men who may have been exposed to Ebola.

Ebola is a very dangerous disease that kills its victim within hours. How contagious it is makes it even more dangerous. It’s more transmittable than COVID, and its effects are much more severe.

It’s unclear how the men were exposed to the disease, but the most probable reason is that they had arrived through LAX from a destination that had reported cases of Ebola.

Officers Nolan, Thorson, Juarez, and Detective Harper race against time to find and detain these men for quarantine before the whole city is bleeding from all orifices.

Juarez - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 16

They will be stretched thin with two high-stakes cases facing the LAPD.

So far, the crossovers and cameos between The Rookie and The Rookie: Feds have been underwhelming, except the one on The Rookie Season 5 Episode 15.

Since they’re working in the same city, a crossover is in order.

The case about the militia is also in the purview of The FBI as it becomes a matter of national security when it crosses the line into domestic terrorism.

Angela - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 16

There aren’t any details about who will make a cameo, but we can always count on Garza to lead the effort.

If Carter is assigned this case, he will have Simone tag along. After all, she’s his trainee. If Laura is assigned, she will bring Brendon with her.

While certain storylines, like the state of affairs between Elijah and Angela, might not take center stage, we expect them to be explored, even if only in passing. We expect to see how Elijah plans to deal with Angela now that he knows she played him.

Apart from Tim and Lucy, everyone will look to impress their partner because Valentine’s Day is the time to go all out and show your partner that you appreciate them.

Chen - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 16

Wouldn’t it be insane if Nolan and Bailey married on Valentine’s?

Tim is also seen responding to the meth truck threat, so we can assume he fits in well in Metro.

Check out the promo video below.

Are you ready for Chenford’s first date out in the open?

Did you miss seeing Nolan in action? How do you feel about the random cameos and crossovers between both shows?

We always love reading what you say, so don’t hesitate to comment on what you think about these spoilers.

As always, you can watch The Rookie online anytime on TV Fanatic.

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