Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3 Review: All I See Is

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We’re only three episodes in, but we’ve already hit a little bit of filler.

With only ten episodes in each season of Yellowstone, it’s hard to appreciate those that jocky us into position for what’s to come, but that’s definitely what Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3 did.

As always, if you want a full recap of events, click the link above. Now, let’s dig into the juicy bits from “All I See Is You.”

Getting It Out There

Let’s start with Jimmy’s departure because it encompassed a couple of other avenues, notably Lloyd.

Lloyd is out of sorts because things are changing regardless. Rip needs him to keep his head in the game. Lloyd is fussy over Jimmy getting kicked out of the bunkhouse, and he’s still dealing with the aftereffects of that blonde chick shacking up with Walker.

Lloyd can be as fussy as he wants to be over Jimmy, but if anyone knows that John Dutton sticks to his word, it’s Lloyd. Yes, Jimmy does have the brand, but John cannot trust him to do the right thing for himself in the current atmosphere.

Lloyd found love and acceptance at the Yellowstone, but that’s not what he needs now. Now he needs to harden up a bit and accept that he has some limitations.

Lloyd and Rip Have a Moment - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3

For proof of his immaturity, look no further than Mia, who was by his side during his recovery but wasn’t enough for Jimmy. That really stung her, and it’s not what she needed to stick around and wait for him as he becomes a man in Texas.

Jimmy got a decent sendoff, especially from Walker, which was unexpected. Everyone knows that the opportunity at Jimmy’s feet is valuable in their business. How badly he needs it was as easy to understand as his first few minutes with Travis.

If getting on the road is that difficult, Jimmy is in for a world of hurt at the hands of seasoned cowboys. If and when he returns, he’ll be a changed man.

Seeing Jimmy go at the same time Carter shows equally poor tendencies at the chance before his feet isn’t a coincidence. That young man has a lot to learn, too.

Walker: So you wanna be a cowboy, huh?
Carter: Life kinda robbed me of my options.
Walker: That’s how it usually starts.

Jimmy's Sendoff - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3

Beth is aching for children, and even though she knew he wasn’t her son, she enjoyed caring for the kid and acting motherly.

Rip knows Beth well enough to allow her to make mistakes. Still, it was highly unpleasant seeing her happiness sucked out of the room when Carter acted out in the store.

Of course, Beth would run into a Karen as she tried to rein in the little terror. Sure, he probably hasn’t had a single thing for a while, but Carter was taking full advantage of her graciousness, knowing very well that he was doing it.

Rip: Is it a one-shot or is it a two-shot day?
Beth: It’s a pour the bottle in a bucket kind of day.

Beth and Rip share something extraordinary, but Beth still feels less than a woman because of what she cannot give Rip. Undoubtedly, that pays into her immediate reaction to Carter, and failing with him so quickly hit her hard.

Rip: I want you to listen to me. He’s not our son. No matter who he becomes, he never will be. Nobody will.
Beth: The day’s comin’ when you will resent me for that.
Rip: No, I won’t, sweetie.

He's Not a Pet - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3

Beth is always waiting for the other shoe to drop. She thinks that Rip will realize what he wants from life, and she won’t be enough to satisfy his needs.

But that whole conversation was felt somewhat off, and if Rip thought what he said would make her more comfortable with what she does have to give him, it didn’t.

My assumption is that when he said no child would ever be their child, he was talking directly to the baby she aborted, but it felt heavier than that and suggests that blood only makes a family.

Family isn’t blood only, and Rip should know that as much as anyone. To suggest that any child they raised together wouldn’t be theirs only makes Beth feel more vulnerable. They can have children; they just can’t share the genetics of both parents.

Pour the Bottle In a Bucket - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3

In light of that conversation, it’s hard to imagine Beth is entirely wrong about future Rip, and that hurts us all.

Eventually, it would be cool if Carter could get to know Tate. They’re a little different in age, but they’re as close as it gets to having someone around who is their own age. It could be beneficial to both of them.

The time jump wasn’t a smooth transition from the tragedy forward, and nothing shows that better than what’s going on with Monica and Tate. Are we supposed to believe that Monica has been on the floor and Tate under the bed for months?

And are we supposed to believe that Kayce is only now getting angry enough to do something about it? He’s the man of the house. If his son needs therapy, he needs to get it for him.

Is It What I Need? - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3

Yellowstone fans have had issues with Monica since the start, so I don’t think this latest fiasco will help matters. It’s understandable that she’s scared, especially for Tate. But she’s flirted with danger, too.

Monica was in the clutches of a serial killer because she believed in catching him so profoundly. Oddly, she cannot see the similarities to how passionately Kayce feels about his family and their business.

Things will never be what they were for their little family. But constant family strife on that level isn’t pleasant viewing, so hopefully, it’s not going to be a neverending thing with them.

Rainwater’s pronouncement that he knew who ordered the hit on John didn’t do John or us any good at all.

Your Worst Fear - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3

I don’t know who any of these fuckers are.


He wasn’t kidding. What good is a face on a page? The guy they had in custody was worthless, too. He had nothing to offer that would help John get to the bottom of the attack.

Thankfully, it didn’t matter. That guy was a goner nonetheless. John had already taken out the entire militia, so taking out that little weasel wasn’t a tough choice.

But by taking out everyone without detailed questioning, they can’t exactly piece together any information that might lead them to understand why they were attacked.

However, given that the guy Rainwater tracked down was in prison, it does well to support our Yellowstone Round Table theory that Garrett had something to do with it.

Old Fashioned Shootout - Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3

As already noted, this episode likely offered a peek into the direction the rest of Yellowstone Season 4 will provide and tracking down why and who should be at the forefront.

But Yellowstone likes who more than why, so I hope we’re not disappointed when real answers aren’t in the picture.

Make sure you watch Yellowstone online if you missed it, and please drop below to share your thoughts.

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