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Madelyn Cline On Being Cast In “Knives Out 2,” “Outer

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8. You were also filming Knives Out 2 in Greece over the summer. Can you tell us a little bit about the audition process for that movie?

That was one where it was rounds, and rounds, and rounds, and rounds of auditions, which feels more normal, but it’s also even more stressful. You audition and you don’t hear anything for a couple of weeks, and then you hear something and you’re absolutely elated. But then you’re like, “Oh, shit, now I have to do this work. Now I have to put my money where my mouth is,” and really do the prep work as much as you possibly can with limited material because it’s super top secret.

When I found out, we’d actually just flown to New York and we were landing. I just turned my cellphone service on and I had a ton of missed calls. Rian [Johnson, Knives Out director] texted me and was like, “Give me a shout!” I started shaking. I was like “I feel like I know what this means. But I’m terrified!” I was at baggage claim and Rian called. He was like, “I would love if you come on this journey with us. Let’s make a movie,” and I was just jumping up and down. I was absolutely over the moon. It was so great because we actually just spent the next weekend in New York. We’re just celebrating the whole time. It was so much fun.

9. You’re also acting alongside Daniel Craig, Kathryn Hahn, Janelle Monáe, Kate Hudson, and a ton of other legendary people. What has it been like working with a stacked cast for Knives Out 2?

It’s insane! It’s so insane! I mean, it’s crazy. It was so sweet. At the very end of it, we had a dinner and everybody went around and poured their heart out. I was like, “Can I say one thing?” I meant it so much when I said it, but I told them all, “I’ve grown up watching you guys. I’ve grown up admiring your work, and obviously this whole time we’ve been trying so hard not to fangirl, but it’s been like the most amazing experience: To see you guys work, and to see you guys be so human, and so vulnerable, and also so welcoming, and so sweet, and so giving, and so fun.” It was honestly just such a cool experience. And I miss it so much.

When we were on stages, we would be in the green room and we had a chessboard set up and Scrabble set up, then we had jazz playing, and we were drinking tea. It was just such a fun experience. And then Greece was magical. It was a great summer.

BuzzFeed: I know it’s super top secret, but is there anything you can tease about the movie so far?

[laughter] I’m not saying anything! I don’t want to get in trouble!

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