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Renée Zellweger Says She “Snuck Into” UCLA to Study International

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At one point, Renée Zellweger traded scripts for law books.

In an interview on the Today show on March 7, the actress shared that while she was taking a break from acting, she sought to learn more about international law at UCLA.

“[I] went to school,” Renée said. “I snuck into UCLA for a little while and did some public policy.”

The actress shared that her dive into studying international law was fueled by a personal passion. 

Renée gushed, “[I am] just really interested…in politics. It’s one of my favorite things. I’ll bore you to death at a dinner party. I really will.”

“I needed to step away and kinda grow as a person, learn [some things] that were not related to work,” she reflected. “I mean that’s one of my favorite things about the work. You have the opportunity to learn things that you wouldn’t otherwise have occasion to explore.”

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