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Tiffany Haddish Gets ‘Vaginal Smoking’ Spa Treatment Post-Common Breakup: ‘Bring

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Tiffany Haddish is single and VERY much ready to mingle thanks to an extremely thorough post-breakup spa treatment!

The Girls Trip star took to Instagram on Monday to share herself getting a treatment at a spa in the African country of Eritrea, where every inch, nook, and cranny of her body was taken care of.

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Adding the hashtag “#vaginalsmoking” (like we said, every inch, nook and cranny) in the caption, the 42-year-old wrote:

“Eritrea spa treatment it call Tsh. They put butter in my hair, turmeric & honey on my face, Sesame oil all over my body oh and butter in my hot box. Then they put burning wood in a hole in the ground and you sit in the smoke and sweat. Baby I am ready to be tasted BRING IN THE MEN.”

She ready!

The treatment comes weeks after the comedian’s breakup with Common after a year of dating. Hours before posting about her treatment, Tiff pulled a Khloé Kardashian and shared a not-so-cryptic image seemingly addressing the breakup, which read, “thank you for setting me free” and “what is for me wants me too.”

For his part, the 49-year-old rapper spoke about their breakup in an interview with Fox Soul’s Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored host Jason Lee earlier this month. During the chat, he called Haddish “one of the best people I met in life,” and claimed that their packed schedules prevented the relationship from growing. He explained:

“I don’t think the love really dispersed. I just think it was like we weren’t feeding the relationship … Neither one of us is gonna stop. We both care about our crafts and what we do. We care about love too and partnership, but I think the energy that has been put into our careers and continuing to want to do the things that we do for ourselves and for the people, it was hard for me to balance all of that and keep the relationship fed.”

Tiff didn’t exactly see it that way, though. While appearing on the same podcast later in December, she admitted she was “disappointed” by Common’s remarks, sharing:

“I was very disappointed. I was like, ‘Oh, OK. ‘Cause that’s not what you told me, but OK.’”

Despite the drama, the actress said she was “fine” with the relationship being over, adding:

“It’s gonna be a new opportunity.”

Sounds like she’s ready for those opportunities to come a knockin’ with that freshly buttered hot box!

[Image via Instagram/Guillermo Proano/WENN]

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