‘Morbius’ Director Reveals the Film’s Shocking Post-Credits Scene

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NOTE: The following post contains SPOILERS for Morbius.

Typically, movie studios are very protective of their movie’s endings — and especially secretive about their post-credits scenes. When Marvel shows their films to critics, they sometimes don’t leave out the post-credits scenes on purpose. I know of several cases where in early screenings Marvel movies had no post-credits scenes, and then by the time the film actually opened in theaters, there it was. These teases are the sorts of things studios feel are a genuine selling point for fans; they are so desperate not to have them spoiled that they’ll pay their $15 to see the movie on opening day.

That’s typical — but I guess that’s not what Sony is going with for their new Spider-Man spinoff Morbius. Its director, Daniel Espinosa, did a Twitter interview with CinemaBlend, and he spoke in surprising detail about the movie’s final moments. (If you don’t want to know what he said, don’t keep reading! Just go see Morbius in the theater next Friday. Don’t yell at me if you keep reading and you don’t like what you see. I didn’t come up with this stuff! I’m just telling you what he said.)

Espinosa revealed that at the end of the film, Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes shows up in his full Vulture costume in Venom and Morbius’ universe, even though he is supposed to exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Venom and Morbius live in Sony’s tangentially connected superhero universe.

So how did he get from one place to the other? ”At the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Spider-Man: No Way Home,” Espinosa explained, “and in No Way Home itself, it is clearly established that it is possible for characters to transfer from one Multiverse to another. The events of No Way Home had the effect of transferring Venom and Vulture (and maybe others ) back and forth between the MCU and the Venom Universe.”

In the scene, Keaton’s Vulture suggests to Jared Leto’s Morbius that they team up against Spider-Man. Could this be the setup for the oft-discussed Sinister Six movie?

“Well, he is recruiting teammates and he has enticed one already. So it sure looks like a start,” Espinosa said.

That is a lot to digest, but I think the wildest thing is hearing someone call it the “Venom Universe.” Regardless, it seems like Sony is firmly establishing its own cinematic universe of Marvel heroes — but also making it clear that characters from their universe can also appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everyone got that?

Isn’t the multiverse grand? Morbius opens exclusively in theaters on April 1.

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